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e-Bazar is

Own shop

The eBazar shop is like the same shop in the local market, but in online format and always available. Add items for sale or exchange. Find buyers. Set the time and place of the meeting. Control the stock of goods.

Local market

The eBazar app will help you find products from farmers in your city or town. Visit their farm
to make sure the quality of the goods. Buy or exchange products - support local producers.

Exchange of experience

Join the community of owners - share experiences, ask for advice, tell about your farm. Communicate with farmers from all over Ukraine and get better together.



the world's population will increase by 1 billion and the environmental situation will deteriorate. Large farms need too many resources to produce and transport food, so small farms are an effective way to save the planet.




percent of the products grown by farmers go to landfill. They are difficult to transport and store for a long time - so they never end up on supermarket shelves. It is better to exchange the excess for cucumbers, or sell it to those who appreciate homemade.


Sell and exchange

GMO free

and pesticides. Enough food from supermarkets - buy quality products from reputable sellers, develop the local economy, meet the neighbors.




How it works



Create a shop on eBazar


Add a load


Accept the order


Prepare the goods


Get paid



Install eBazar on your phone


Find local farmers


Buy or exchange


Receive the goods

Do you have ideas or wishes? Join the survey and influence what will soon be on eBazar.


Questions to sellers

Questions to buyers

Our goal

We believe that working with land and farming should bring not only pleasure but also profit. Our goal is to create the largest community of farmers, which will be a real middle class and together will change the state for the better.


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We are a team of enthusiasts from different fields of activity, different tastes and values ​​in life, but we are united by a common vision of the future and the value of work on earth.

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