Terms of use

1. Preamble

FOP Voitsekhivsky Pavlo Viktorovych, (hereinafter referred to as the Contractor) publishes this Public Agreement (Agreement and / or Offer) on the provision of services on the website https://www.ebazar-ua.com and eBazar applications for mobile devices based on iOS operating systems and Android.

Pursuant to Article 633 of the Civil Code of Ukraine (CC of Ukraine), this Agreement is a public contract, and in case of acceptance of the following conditions, any able-bodied natural or legal person (hereinafter the User) undertakes to comply with the terms of this Agreement.


In this offer, the following terms are used in the following meaning:


Offer - a public offer of the Contractor, addressed to any able-bodied natural and / or legal person, to conclude with him a Public Contract for the provision of services on the terms contained in this Agreement, taking into account all annexes;
Executor - FOP Voitsekhivsky Pavlo Viktorovych, who is the owner of the Site, registration address st. Herzen 35, Kyiv, Ukraine 04050

Website - the website www.ebazar-ua.com, applications for eBazar mobile devices based on iOS and Android operating systems, which are administered by the Contractor and are an online communication platform for placing ads for the sale of goods and / or services (hereinafter - Site and / or Sites)

User - any able-bodied natural or legal person who has accepted the terms of this Offer and uses the services provided by the Contractor.
Goods - a material object offered for purchase by the User on the Site;

Service - any operation that is not a supply of goods related to the provision of a service that is consumed in the process of performing a certain action or carrying out a certain activity, to meet the personal needs of the Customer;
Announcement is an action of the User - publication or activation of information about an available product or service indicating the price, name, quantity, description, unit of measurement, information about its availability and methods of delivery;

E-Bazar.ua service - any paid and free services provided by the Contractor through the Sites (for example, including, but not limited to, all its features, text, data, information, software, graphics or photos, drawings , advertisements, etc.), and any other services provided by the Contractor through the Sites;

Account / account (on the “Bench” Site) is an electronic account of the User in the functional system of the Sites, created by the User and owned by the Contractor, through which the User can manage his ads on the Sites. Only one User can use the account, it is not allowed to transfer data to access your account / account to another user (another person).

Registration - acceptance by the User of the offer for concluding this Agreement and the procedure during which the User by filling in the relevant forms of the Site provides the necessary information for the use of the Services of the Site. Registration is considered complete only in case of successful completion of all its stages in accordance with the instructions published on the Site.

Personal data is information or a set of information provided by the User, by means of which the User can be identified on the Site.

SMS-verification is a verification of the User, which is performed by entering in the appropriate field on the verification page a special verification code sent by the Contractor in an SMS-message to the phone number specified by the User on the verification page.
Customer - User, an individual who has reached 18 years of age and registered on the Platform in order to search and purchase Goods for personal use.

Seller - User, business entity that places offers to purchase Goods on the e-Bazar Platform in accordance with applicable law. The Seller's name is indicated on the Seller's page on the e-Bazar Platform.
By registering on the Site, the User confirms the reading of these Terms of Use and their acceptance. By performing such actions, the User is also aware that in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine, the acceptance of these Terms means the conclusion of an electronic agreement between the Contractor and the User, the content of which is set out in these Terms of Use.

2. Registration on the Site and creating an Account

2.1 Terms of registration on the Site
The site can be used by an individual over 18 years of age. Registration on the Site of a minor is prohibited. By registering on the Site, you confirm that you are 18 years old.

2.2 Creating an Account
The user can view ads on the Site without registration. However, in order to place advertisements, the User is obliged to create an Account.
To create an Account, you must fill in all fields of the registration form, as well as read and accept these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

By registering, the User hereby guarantees that the data provided by him (name, name of a natural or legal person, mobile phone number, physical address, e-mail, etc.) are true, and also agrees to transfer to the Contractor his personal data, their processing, storage and use.

3. Authentication

In order to increase trust or prevent and detect fraud, the Contractor has the right to create a system for authentication (verification) of certain information that the User provides when creating an Account. In particular, confirmation of the phone number, TIN code or USREOU.

4. Placing ads


The user gets the right to place ads on the Sites after passing the SMS-verification.

Use of the capabilities and services of the Sites, both registered and unregistered Users means acceptance of obligations to comply with the rules and instructions for the use of e-Bazar.ua services, including this Agreement.


The User is responsible for all actions using his e-mail address, mobile phone number and password to log in to the Sites. The User has the right to use the services of the Sites only with his own e-mail address, mobile phone and password. In case of transfer of data for access to the account / account to another user (another person), such account / account may be blocked at the discretion of the Contractor.


The user agrees to maintain the confidentiality of the password and not to disclose / pass it on to third parties.


The User who places advertisements for the sale of goods or provision of services on the Site undertakes to place information about them in accordance with this Agreement and the instructions provided on the Site and provide accurate and complete information about goods or services and conditions of sale. By posting information about a product or service, the User confirms that he has the right to sell this product or provide this service in accordance with current legislation of Ukraine.


The user guarantees that the goods / services offered by him meet the quality standards established by the legislation of Ukraine, for which they are sold and are free from claims of third parties.


The User guarantees that the services offered by him, if their provision requires a special permit, will be provided in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of Ukraine, and the responsible authorities will be authorized to supervise such activities of the User.


Terms of delivery should be included in the description of the goods, and conditions of service in the description of the service. The terms of sale of goods and provision of services drawn up by the User shall not contradict this Agreement and the current legislation of Ukraine.


The User undertakes not to provide active support and not to disseminate information about the services provided by the Contractor's competitors, including, but not limited to:

  • Information about other bulletin boards, trading platforms, online auctions and / or online stores;

  • Internet resources offering goods and services are prohibited for sale on the Sites.


User is prohibited from:

  • Post an ad in a section that does not match the content of the ad;

  • Post ads whose description and / or title / photos are unrelated or illegible

  • Place an advertisement for a product or service, if such placement may lead to a violation of applicable law


Ads must correspond to the locality selected in the relevant functional settings of the Sites


Advertising is not permitted for the promotion of:
alcoholic beverages;

  • cigarettes and tobacco products;

  • narcotic substances and precursors;

  • pornographic materials or objects;

  • pharmacological products, medicines;

  • stolen, illegally obtained goods;

  • items that pose a danger to life and health;

  • non-existent goods;

  • human organs;

  • special technical means for secret information;

  • state awards;

  • personal documents and forms of these documents;

  • databases;

  • firearms, melee weapons, traumatic weapons, as well as ammunition and components for them;

  • rare and prohibited for sale animals, including animals listed by the CITES International Convention on Trade in Rare and Endangered Species of Flora and Fauna (;

  • any other goods and services prohibited by the legislation of Ukraine.

5. The order of transfer of goods


Depending on the type of goods or services, the User chooses one of four options for the transfer of goods:

  • Collection of goods by the Customer directly at the address and at the time specified by the Seller in the announcement

  • Direct delivery to the Customer by agreement with the Seller

  • Delivery to the Customer through the postal service by agreement with the Seller

6. Limitation of liability

By using the services of the Sites, the User hereby confirms his agreement that he uses the Sites and his services at his own risk "as is", assesses and bears all risks associated with the use of ads posted on the Sites, and the Contractor does not bear no liability for the content of advertisements placed on the Site, for any losses and losses resulting from the use of advertisements placed on the Sites - the User and other data.

The Contractor is not the organizer / initiator of the agreement between the Users or its party. The site is a trading communication platform that allows users to place for sale, sell and buy legally permitted goods and services at any time, from anywhere and at any price.


The artist cannot control the accuracy of the information placed by users in the ads. The Contractor shall not be liable for any damages caused as a result of the transaction or improper conduct of any of the parties to the agreement.


The Contractor is not responsible for the behavior of Users, or their products / services specified in the ads. All disputes and conflicts between Users are resolved by them independently without the involvement of the Contractor.